The Value of the Short Musical Program for Children

There are ongoing musical programs designed just for young children and many of them offer some type of short program or mini class. These programs will last just a month or two and will have a dedicated theme with lessons for each class period. They may even include some take-home material that parents or caregivers can use to carry the lessons from one session to the next.


The question is what a young child can actually learn in such a short period of time. Many assume that children need to gradually build up over time as they learn about music, but there are some very good uses for a short term program for musical education. Helene Goldnadel a music teacher discusses some of them below:


Testing the Waters


Some parents will use a short musical program for children to test the idea out. They aren’t sure if their child will like the classes or they have their doubts about the value of these programs. Whatever the case may be, they see it necessary to start out with a sort of trial course before officially entering a longer musical program with their child.


Older children may also benefit from going through a shorter, themed musical program to explore their level of interest in learning more. Parents may not want to invest in a longer course or commit to a full length program if they are not sure their child will really stick with it to the end.


A short musical program allows these children and their parents to flirt with the idea of children’s musical education without fully committing. Most will go on to enroll in other short programs or perhaps a longer or ongoing program, but the mini session is a good way to test the water and get a start.


Compelling Themes


Sometime the theme or learning objectives for a short course will be too interesting for a parent to pass up. Perhaps the parent already does a musical program with their child but they would like to add another class to the schedule for a short period of time. They like the theme in a shorter program and sign up.


Some of the shorter musical programs for kids have the most creative themes. These programs may not last very long, but they still stimulate an enjoyment of music and sense of expression out of the children they teach.


Financial Issues


A shorter program here and there may be all that some families can afford. The door to musical exploration from a young age is opened wide when the ability to use a short program and then come back later for another is an option.


Parents running on busy schedules, restricted finances, or a certain level of doubt about the effectiveness of children’s musical programs should consider taking one of these shorter programs before they completely write the idea off. It may turn out to be the perfect adventure for the children involved!


Children still benefit from a musical program when it is cut short. They get to explore a fun theme and learn new things. Some will be interested in doing other programs while others aren’t as interested. It is a great way for parents to test the waters and put any of their doubts to rest as well.


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