Dance Classes for All Round Development

Dancing can be viewed as one of the most ancient forms of rhythmic exercise, which requires a complete coordination of the mind and the body. It is one of the best forms of self expression and can carry an individual away from everyday stresses and worries. Nowadays a rising number of individuals of all age categories are getting enrolled in professional dance classes to nurture their passion as well as tackle the fast pace of life as well as pent up emotions. Apart from rejuvenating and stimulating your body, dancing can prove advantageous in several other ways.


Enhancing Flexibility

Regular dancing lessons aids in flexing and straightening of muscles which make makes them supple as well as flexible. Flexible muscles can withstand sprains, contractions, cramps and injuries much better than rigid or stiff muscles. Thus dancing reduces the risk of muscle injuries significantly in the long run while keeping you fit.


Increasing Stamina and Endurance

Endurance can be measured by the body’s capacity to keep working despite hardships and without fatigue. Dancing requires fast and agile movements and strict and disciplined dancing introduces your body to a whole new routine which aids in not only increasing your stamina but also enhances your endurance to fatigue.


Improving Total Body Strength and Balance

Different dance movements require a dancer’s body weight to be shifted differently and balanced on different body muscles. Regularly practicing dancing swerves and jerks helps individual gain strength against their own body weight and develop stronger muscles.


Coordination of the Mind and the Body

Dancing requires the mind to make split second decisions which the body needs to execute impeccably. Steps have to be memorised and executed in coordination with the music or fellow dancing partners. These activities improve the perceptibility of a learner’s brain and sharpen the brain so that it is quick to respond to external stimuli.


Inculcating a Sense of Happiness and Wellbeing

Dancing is ultimately a form of rhythmic exercise that releases certain hormones which contribute significantly in making a person feel elated and happy. Dancing allows individuals to give an external vent of self expression to their pent up energies and emotions, facilitating their wellbeing. Dance tutorials and institutes also aid in the social interaction among individuals and build up a strong sense of self.


Dancing has been taken up by individuals worldwide not only as a form of entertainment but also as a form of self expression and daily exercise to facilitate the wellbeing and all round development of the mind as well as the body of an individual.


If your child is above 5 years of age and you are looking forward to making him join some activity, then dance lessons at Helene Goldnadel’s Institute is highly recommended. Here you can choose from a variety of classes for your child and along with dance classes there are also other creative activities available here like learning music and theatre, if your child is interested in the same. Helene has taught children age four and up how to sing, act and dance.