On Camera Acting/Auditioning, by Helene Goldnadel

IT’S NORMAL FOR A NEWBY to feel uptight says, Helene Goldnadel, take a deep breath and keep a steady breathing ritual as you perform. The work takes place prior. Prepared actors, if given lines to memorized, can get more into the character’s skin. Feeling comfortable, may not be a possibility because auditions take a lot of stamina. BUT THE CATSING PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO KNOW! The trained actor will become the character, not act like her.


Take your time performing, especially says, Helene Goldnadel Pauses say a lot. The more suance you bring to the work, the better up you are. Flowing adrenaline is good. Use the energy. Use the rush. Your heart may be beating a little faster, but your speech needs not be speeded up. If you talk too fast, you will feel it. You can slow down or eventually crash. Just stay focused you probably are. An experience actor can find his own tempo and make that work within the performance.


The best actors don’t look rehearsed. They don’t even look like any work went into the performance. They just look like they are the character. Getting you lost in the protagonist experience. Creating for you to despise them as if they indeed were the antagonist